Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hurrah for the Tri U Mah!

Yes!  I completed the Tri U Mah today.  Had a great time doing it.

The best part was being in the same wave with the LOML Angel.  She was in the next swim lane, on the next exercise bike and the next treadmill.

My swim was mainly side stroke and back stroke.  (I found that watching the giant ceiling fan in the Natatorium was very relaxing.)  Angel really motored along in the pool, covering twice my distance.  I almost jumped in the pool wearing my sandals.  (I understand they are considered illegal equipment.)

Yesterday I bought some legal equipment, including a pair of swim goggles and the "grab bag" swim cap shown above. This morning I read two chapters in a book titled "Master the Art of Swimming".  I wanted to bring the book with me in the pool, but it too may have been illegal equipment (and probably wouldn't float).

After the swim, the bike and treadmill events felt easy.

All of the volunteers at the Tri U Mah were terrific.

And we saw some old friends looking young, including Amy, Bev, Cheryl, Gary, Marcia and Warren.  Way to go!